Search Engine – Invisible Web (Ebscohost)

(Using ONE search feature of the Database, describe the strength & weakness of this feature. Support with Print Screens & explanation)

In this blog, I will be evaluating Ebscohost, (invisible database) why it called invisible web? This is because it only available to the specific organisation and company, such as Hospital, international News, School library and government organization.  It close to a search engine with data base and produce the result of finding.however, the feature is only available in journal and articles from the useful source. The meta search engine require a licence to give the user the access and even restrict number of user in certain article.

I require to log in using my school admin and password and follow by the search i need to find. therefore i key in and here are the result.


The blue highlight is Normal search

The red highlight is the research result

The black highlight is published which i narrow it down from 1995 to 2015

For search features below the basic search features selections are databases specific. I will use default databases ticked for me and limit my result by tick on the scholarly and here are the result Capture.PNG

The search result is now much narrow as seen below picture

Capturethe Advanced search is easy to use which is user friendly, Publication date able us search on findings based on the year the source publish.

advantages of using this search feature: All sources are been view and praised by experts in the field, thus it is believable and trustworthy, with the click of scholarly.

Disadvantages of using this search feature:

  • Getting articles peer-reviewed maybe expensive and thorough, good results from personal experiences and organisational post cannot be found in the search query.
  • You have to pay to access
  • Not a source of reading overview of the topic.
  • If it expired the article wont be there any more.



I have decided to use Google as my search browser as it gave more information that we need and it is more effective than using other web search as research topic. Google give clearer details and is uncluttered. Invisible Web gave 6 result while Google only give me much more result, hence the Google gave more result than Invisible Web but it will gave more irrelevant result that what we wanted. With the advanced search from Google, we can research on findings more accurately and specific.



Search Engine – Google & evaluation

  Search Engine – Google

(Using ONE search feature from Google, describe the strength & weakness of this

feature. Support with Print Screens & explanation)

Search term – “Advantage and Disadvantage of data analytic”

I going to evaluate  if the google advance search good for my Research:

I doing the the normal search and here are the result.


  • In this print screen above (circle in blue)The result is fast while doing under Google, In google it would search all information regarding our findings and is able to give a lot of result. With my findings itself, Google gave me about 1,6000,000 results.
  • The weakness is that some links give irrelevant information. With my findings itself, there are only few link that are suitable for my research and finding the key point may take time some time to find.
  • Then i follow by the advance searchCapture
  • In the print screen above,The strength of the (Advanced Search) helps us to narrow the result we want by changing the region of the search and refine my search. It means that the search could custom to our own findings.Capture
  • On the right hand side is the help or the tips which could guide new users to have a custom search easily by following the steps.Strength is we also able to narrow the results.Capture.PNG
  • i refine my word using the term keyword and narrow down my finding
  • Capture.PNG
  • Google manage to formulate all my key word
  • The results were better. the search results given to me were relevant. Advanced search feature had helped me to scope in my search and safe time in the detailing.

    However, not all advanced search engine helped me effectively. When i went to search disadvantages of data analytic. This is the results i got were irrelevant.

  • After few search and conclusion.
  • I have decided to use Google as my search browser as it gave more information that we need and it is more effective especially when using the google advance.
  • Google have it advantage feature as it give clearer details and is uncluttered. With the advanced search from Google, we can research on findings more accurately and spec
  • the disadvantage is that i need to be careful key in the correct words in order to yield result as it can give a wrong result and google advance tend to be confuse and  inconvenience posing for users.

overall usage of the search feature, i conclude that. The efficiency of advanced search feature helped us to save time during search as compared to the normal Google search. The filtering are all in one interface and it save us time, google allowed us to filter for an effective search. It is highly recommended for uses to try it out if they do not get what they want in the normal search Google. i manage to find what i need and the result is much relevant.


  • Search Engine – other search Engine/ Web (Duckduckgo)
  • (Using ONE search feature of the Database, describe the strength & weakness of
  • this feature. Support with Print Screens & explanation)Capture
  • In the print screen above,The strength of duckduckgo Web is very accurate with our findings. But there is not enough information or links to read. The results show maximum of 18 or less results. No Advanced search.It indicated the region as it from Singapore findingCapture
  •   It state that duckduckgo wont collect or share personal information, which at time good for search and keep the privacy within the user.
  • (Is Google or duckduckgo web better in searching for resources for your research topic. Explain why.)
  • I have decided to use Google as my search browser as it gave more information that we need and it is more effective than using other web search as research topic. Although Duckduckgo provide more details and at certain usefulness.
  • Google have it advantage as it give clearer details and is uncluttered. duckduckgo Web gave 18 result while Google only give 1,600,000 result, hence the Google gave 500,000 times more result than duckduckgo Web but it will gave more irrelevant result that what we wanted. With the advanced search from Google, we can research on findings more accurately and specific.


So overall, google do have it special feature and will be useful at the long run.

Trend and impact of data analytic

My Team and I chose the Trend and impact of data analytic, We divide it into the sub topic and the topic. I have chose the advantage and disadvantage of data analytic, how does a good data concluded and who studies data analytic, This give an important decision for big companies to drive their business planning. In the past, without the knowledge of the usefulness of data analytic,  businesses may face higher risk of failure and loss as they did not analyse the trends and the past business operations. People who studies and analyze data would give a better fore sight in the future to come. Big companies or organisations can acquire their need data for business planning in much efficient and productive way.

In this blog, I will be evaluating the advantage and disadvantage of using the following search facilities: Google search engine and an invisible web (online database) such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As I understand that data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Data analytics is distinguished from data mining by the scope, purpose and focus of the analysis. Data analytic do help forecast the information and help companies to determine with advantage, however there is also the disadvantages in it. Many people will found lack of information and one-sided conclusion, this research help us to find out the impacts of data analytic much better which focuses on inference, the process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what is already known by the researcher and efficient ways.

Trend and impact of data analytic

How good data analytic is concluded?

With the advance technology, allowing exploratory data analysis (EDA), where new features in the data are discovered and follows by confirmatory data analysis (CDA), where existing hypotheses are proven true or false.  to the end, with Qualitative data analysis (QDA) is used in the social sciences to draw conclusions from non-numerical data like words, photographs or video.

What are the advantages of Data analytic?

The main benefits of data analysis are rather self-evident. How can someone improve their processes and identify problematic issues if they are not willing to look at the data? The answer, of course, is that they cannot make reliable improvements without data analysis. The key word here is “reliable!” Most people have a general idea about possible changes that “should” or “could” improve their processes. However, when it comes to these sorts of changes there is the inherent risk that the change does not have the desired result. There can also be unexpected consequences that impact some other aspect of that organization in a negative manner.

Having said that, the following are just some of the benefits of proper data analysis:

  • Allows for the identification of important (and often mission-critical) trends
  • Helps businesses identify performance problems that require some sort of action
  • Can be viewed in a visual manner, which leads to faster and better decisions
  • Better awareness regarding the habits of potential customers
  • It can provide a company with an edge over their competitors

Ultimately, there are six useful things you can do with Data analytic technology:

  • You can make an immediate decision.
  • You can plan in support of future decisions.
  • You can research, investigate, and analyze in support of future decisions.
  • You can monitor what’s going on, to see when it necessary to decide, plan, or investigate.
  • You can communicate, to help other people and organizations do these same things.
  • You can provide support, in technology or data gathering, for one of the other functions.

Technology vendors often cite similar taxonomies, claiming to have all the categories (as they conceive them) nicely represented, in slickly integrated fashion. They exaggerate. Most of these categories are in rapid flux, and the rest should be. In Data analytic technology still has a long way to go.

Disadvantage of Data analytic?

  1. It properly making worst in near term
  2. Requirement of integration – Digging into your requirements for business data may turn into easier avenues toward finding the right data. It may also expose a deeper problem with integration that befuddles data projects, big or small.Often, these tools require large technical teams; the hardest part is balancing the effectiveness of the technology with the capital and operational cost constraints
  3. Developing a single EDW (enterprise data warehouse) – in the process of combining and constructing one data warehouse for all your enterprise functions, big data may stomp out those plans for good .
  4. Existing infrastructure – belief that present information infrastructure is sufficient.
  5. Privacy concern – One of the lures over big data plans is the promise of finding profits in social media posts and public sources. Rumbling beneath that are quandaries among the legal community and at the Government level about business big data plans with personal information including information stored in the cloud.

Who studies and conduct data analytic?

Information technology, the term has a special meaning in the context of IT audits, when the controls for an organization’s information systems, operations and processes are examined before determine whether the systems in place effectively protect data, operate efficiently and succeed in accomplishing an organization’s overall goals.

Data analysts compile and analyze data for businesses in order to identify problems and suggest possible solutions. They might also design and build databases to house the information they need, ensure data accuracy and make recommendations to business managers about how to improve efficiency or quality based on their findings.

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