Trend and impact of data analytic

My Team and I chose the Trend and impact of data analytic, We divide it into the sub topic and the topic. I have chose the advantage and disadvantage of data analytic, how does a good data concluded and who studies data analytic, This give an important decision for big companies to drive their business planning. In the past, without the knowledge of the usefulness of data analytic,  businesses may face higher risk of failure and loss as they did not analyse the trends and the past business operations. People who studies and analyze data would give a better fore sight in the future to come. Big companies or organisations can acquire their need data for business planning in much efficient and productive way.

In this blog, I will be evaluating the advantage and disadvantage of using the following search facilities: Google search engine and an invisible web (online database) such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As I understand that data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Data analytics is distinguished from data mining by the scope, purpose and focus of the analysis. Data analytic do help forecast the information and help companies to determine with advantage, however there is also the disadvantages in it. Many people will found lack of information and one-sided conclusion, this research help us to find out the impacts of data analytic much better which focuses on inference, the process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what is already known by the researcher and efficient ways.


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