Search Engine – Invisible Web (Ebscohost)

(Using ONE search feature of the Database, describe the strength & weakness of this feature. Support with Print Screens & explanation)

In this blog, I will be evaluating Ebscohost, (invisible database) why it called invisible web? This is because it only available to the specific organisation and company, such as Hospital, international News, School library and government organization.  It close to a search engine with data base and produce the result of finding.however, the feature is only available in journal and articles from the useful source. The meta search engine require a licence to give the user the access and even restrict number of user in certain article.

I require to log in using my school admin and password and follow by the search i need to find. therefore i key in and here are the result.


The blue highlight is Normal search

The red highlight is the research result

The black highlight is published which i narrow it down from 1995 to 2015

For search features below the basic search features selections are databases specific. I will use default databases ticked for me and limit my result by tick on the scholarly and here are the result Capture.PNG

The search result is now much narrow as seen below picture

Capturethe Advanced search is easy to use which is user friendly, Publication date able us search on findings based on the year the source publish.

advantages of using this search feature: All sources are been view and praised by experts in the field, thus it is believable and trustworthy, with the click of scholarly.

Disadvantages of using this search feature:

  • Getting articles peer-reviewed maybe expensive and thorough, good results from personal experiences and organisational post cannot be found in the search query.
  • You have to pay to access
  • Not a source of reading overview of the topic.
  • If it expired the article wont be there any more.



I have decided to use Google as my search browser as it gave more information that we need and it is more effective than using other web search as research topic. Google give clearer details and is uncluttered. Invisible Web gave 6 result while Google only give me much more result, hence the Google gave more result than Invisible Web but it will gave more irrelevant result that what we wanted. With the advanced search from Google, we can research on findings more accurately and specific.



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