Comparison Between Google Search Engine and Ebscohost

I have evaluated both Google search engine and the invisible search engine of Ebscohost in my few research, with evaluations on advanced search features. However, I keen to find out which will be much useful in term of relevance, reliability and ease of use based on my topic, which is about data analytic uses.

I asked question to myself as if is it relevant and related to my topic? The Topic I choose is much more in current trend for the past years (10 years and below) and many research are about current business on data analysis is more business and I want to find the personal finding of the data analysis. In Google has more search results to skim through, it had a lot of finding and most relevant results than in Ebscohost.

It is better to have more results which help me to narrow it down then  too specialized and zoomed in, and thus I gained no new research although it been evaluate by others reader or to those who are in the same line. Therefore, fewer results are found in Ebscohost because of it credible sources. And these credible sources are from the professional journals and articles which have aims for writing and reports.

By saying this, Google is much more generalized and the information it contain are much broader and from wide range of peer-reviewed articles to business and personal. Thus, Google is better in terms of relevance. To contrast it. Google are not very reliable source as they list down ton of links and website extensively. Which does not determine the website is reliable. While some of the search are just the summary or short sentence which if we keen to read more, we need to purchase the rights which may be costly.  While ebscohost has an option to look for full text from the journals. Hence, In Ebscohost, the databases are much specialized and it is reliable as users can opt for the scholarly article option. Both Search engine are easy to used and convenient. However I prefer google as it much more result and information although it may not be relevant. But ultimately both search engine need to easy to use, not complicated and organize.

After evaluate it and do comparison. While ebschohost need login id to allowed it user to use, while google can be anonymous and require to purchase in order to access ebscohost search engine. Although ebschohost can be useful but google manage it finding much easier with the comparison of my 2 blogs regarding google search and google advance search.


I have decided to use Google as my search browser as it gave more information that we need and it is more effective than using other web search as research topic. Google give clearer details and is uncluttered. Invisible Web gave 6 result while Google only give me much more result, hence the Google gave more result than Invisible Web but it will gave more irrelevant result that what we wanted. With the advanced search from Google, we can research on findings more accurately and specific.


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